KDR08 KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring (i-PASS)

KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring (iPass version), with the functions of electronic wallets, transportation card and door access. It provides five sizes for you. NFC Smart Ring is the most convenient wearable device.

Brand : Keydex

Color:Black, White


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●Made by fine ceramics, the hardness and resistance to scratch is slight less than diamond. This material is usually used in fine jewelries and watches.
●KEYDEX NFC Ring is ergonomic in design, where top is wider, bottom is narrower, and the glossy finishing and bevel design allows users to wear the ring comfortably.
●Made by fine ceramics, the material minimizes signal and antenna interference from metallic material.
●Certified to be the best IP68 grade, allows the ring to be submerged in water at 30 meters for up to one hour and continue to function properly.

1.Door Access : With matching a compatible door lock system, Let the NFC scanner of door lock system receive the ID of your NFC ring by a touch, then the function “Door Access” will be accomplished.
2.Transit Token: NFC Smart Ring can be used as transit token for public tranportation during your commute.
3.Mobile Payment: NFC Smart Ring can be used as wallet for payments of smaller amounts for shopping.


●Material: KEYDEX NFC Ring is made by fine ceramics, aka Zirconia ceramics (ZrO2).
●Zirconia ceramic with high strength, high toughness, high hardness (second only to diamonds) and have excellent wear resistance, and chemical resistance.
●NFC Specification: ISO/IEC 14443-3
●Frequency: 13.56MHz
●Antenna working range: within 1 cm
●Waterproof class: IP68 certified, submerged in 30 meters of water up to one hour
●Dustproof class: IP68 certified, completely dustproof


●US : 9258036B1
●TW : I644236,M493827
●CN : 20142039826.5

●Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
●Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)
●Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)
●Taiwan Bus
●Convenience Stores
●Access Control Systems
●Electronic Door Locks

How to measure your Ring Size
A. Use international Ring Size as a guide.
Please use your old ring as a reference to measure the diameter.
#12 1.6cm#14 1.7cm#16 1.8cm#18 1.9cm#20 2cm

#12 5.02cm
#14 5.34cm
#16 5.65cm
#18 5.97cm
#20 6.28cm

B. Use Ring Circumference as a guide

Please use a string or strip of paper, wrap it around your finger and mark where it overlaps, and measure it from the top to the mark to find the circumference. If the circumference is between two sizes, simply select the larger one instead