UG-C8 KEYDEX® Category 8 Patched Cable

UG-C8 KEYDEX® Category 8 Patched Cable

(brief description)


Color : Blue 
Length : 1 M / 2 M / 3M / 5M / 10M



● Pass the EIA certification. The quality of cable has approved. Completely compatible with the next generation of ethernet 40GBASE-T(40Gs).
● The speed is 20 times higher than Cat 5e and 8 times higher than cat 6. The wide bandwidth can make the speed of transmission higher and effectively prevent the transmission failure.
● When the signal is transmitting, the signal interference will happen with multiple internet cables. This situation is called ANEXT will result in transmission failure.The structure of Cat 8 cable is made of 4 pairs of wires which each pair is double-shielded. Therefore it can prevent the interference of EMI and RFI under the situation of multiple pairs of wires bundling.
● Cat 8 is made of AWG22 standard cables, it can be compatible with PoEaf, PoEat, U PoE and PoEbt.
● Prevent from any interfering signals outside such as EMI and RFI. • The external material of cable is made of CMR fire-resistant cable. This material could maximize the isolation effect when the fire spreads.The spring of connector is made from high elastic PVC, which is bend-resistant and barely broken.


● Cable Thickness: 8.6mm
● Cable Type: Category 8
● Cable Characteristic: Double shield, 22AWG single wire, straight all connection
● Connector Type: RJ-45 shield connector (with claw breakage prevention cover)